Dr. Desi Williams, Physical Therapist, DPT, is a television host and spokesperson, accomplished academician, health professional, author, and university professor who has great experience in public speaking, emceeing events, and leading youth activities.  An educator at heart, Desi enjoys any opportunity to inspire others to make healthy choices, set and achieve goals, serve the community, demonstrate leadership, and reach their highest potential. 

Desi is featured as a Castaway on Season 35 of CBS's SURVIVOR, co-host for The View from HamptonU, and has recently moved to Los Angeles to pursue television hosting full-time.


Health Promotion


  • Benefits of Physical Activity
  • Leading a Balanced Life
  • Conquering the Childhood Obesity Epidemic

Women’s Empowerment



  • Professionalism and Purpose
  • Time Management and Optimization
  • The Importance of Positive First Impressions

Youth Engagement



  • Power of Perseverance and Goal-Setting
  • Encouraging the Pursuit of Higher Education
  • Keep Calm and Stay Classy: Etiquette for Young Women
  • Reading is FUN-damental: Promoting Literacy