Meditation is hard—or at least the initiation of a regular practice is.  Anyone who tells you otherwise has either reached the highest level of consciousness or is lying. As someone who has long-studied the transformative benefits of meditation as well as practiced on and off for nearly a decade, it’s hard for me, too.  If I fall off the bandwagon for any period of time, I struggle to hop back on board.  If I meditate as soon as I wake up, I have a tendency to fall asleep.  If I wait too late in the day, students, phone calls, or the never-ending buzz of a new message hitting my inbox interrupts my meditation appointment.

 Wellness practitioners talk about meditation as a magic elixir---a remedy for stress, inattention, depression, and more.  While I agree with those benefits, I’m also willing to admit that reaching a meditative state does not come easily—even to the most physically and spiritually attuned.

So for the next 10 days--during arguably one of the most stressful times of the year--I’m committed to be vulnerable to you and with you as I re-initiate a regular meditation practice.  Each day, I’ll post my reflection on my daily meditation. While forcing myself to reflect on my daily meditation may end up being counterproductive (I’ll let you know if I feel it is), I want you to know that even as a wellness enthusiast and yogi, I experience the same distractions and frustrations as everyone else when I return to meditation after a hiatus.

I’m going to consider this page a judgment -free zone, and hope others will share in this journey with me.  Who’s hoping on the bandwagon with me?