WOO-SAH: Meditation Day 3

Happy Monday!

It only took me three days, but I've finally gotten smart enough to leave a robe beside my bed so that in the morning I can crawl out of my bed and into my warm robe. So today, I was able to meditate out of my bed and on the floor.  After propping myself up on some pillows on the floor, I pulled up a third YouTube video, giving this guided meditation thing one more shot.

Let me tell you. . . getting out of the bed to meditate made a HUGE difference.  First of all, I actually heard the dialogue of the entire video, and had no issues drifting to sleep.  However, I discovered my staying awake was both good and bad.  While I was able to follow the speaker's breathing exercises, I also started to feel agitated by his frequent talking and audible breathing.  Instead of relaxing, I found myself yearning for some moments of silence in the video so that I could hear my own breath instead of his.  I felt a desire to clear my mind of thoughts, but instead my brain was filled with his talking. Maybe guided meditation isn't my thing.

After today, I've successfully fulfilled my three day commitment to guided meditation, and am now ready to move on. I can remember a time when I loved guided meditation encouraging relaxation and positivity, but much like I've outgrown my attraction to 'thugs' (as a disclaimer, I grew out of that phase in high school), apparently I've also outgrown my attraction to having a charming accent step me through my meditation. It's much like that friend who seems to be so uncomfortable with silence that he or she fills each silent moment of conversation with more words--so much so that you barely have time to let any complete thought sink in. Much like our talkative friend, I know the makers of these videos have good intentions, but I can only handle the wordiness for so so long--I must take it all in doses. So tomorrow, I'm freeing myself from that commitment and trying a new technique. 

Did guided meditation work for you, or are you also ready to try something new?  Let me know in the comments!