WOO-SAH: Meditation Day 6

It's hard to believe we are already more than halfway done with this 10-day challenge, and I must admit that I'm falling for this meditation thing way harder than expected. Once an avid practitioner of meditation, returning now--years later--is super comforting. It's sort of like stepping into your grandparents' house after being gone for a while and immediately being welcomed by the familiar aroma of their home. Without thinking, you immediately feel relaxed and at peace. Returning to meditation is providing me a similar sense of nastalgia, and just how the scent of your grandparents' home seems to linger on your clothing for days after your departure, my meditative state is beginning to last beyond the completion of my 10 minutes of quiet sitting. Somehow, my sense of comfort manages to linger for hours. 

Since today is the first day of my much-needed holiday break, I wanted today to be filled with nothing but positivity. So today, I meditated on the following affirmation:  

I am love. 

I am purpose. 

I was made with divine intention.  

And so today I took the time to take care of me: I slept in, I worked out, I stretched, I rested, I talked with my mother, and spent time exchanging gifts with best friends.  

We rarely take the time to appreciate ourselves, our body, our successes, our triumphs, etc. But here I am, at the end of a beautiful winter day, having spend the entire day feeling a sense of gratitude and self-love.  I contribute this feeling--in large part--to having begun today with meditation.  I hope you're reaping similar benefits!