WOO-SAH: Meditation Day 7

First of all, thank goodness for winter break! Since I don't have to return to work until 2017 (still feels odd to think we are 17 years past what was expected to be the end of the world--Y2K), I was able to sleep in until a 8:30 AM. Boy, did it feel good! 

I crawled out my bed to my now-permanent stack of pillows on the floor to initiate my morning meditation. Appropriate for this season of giving, today's affirmation read as follows:

May I see this day through sacred eyes, shape this day with helpful hands, and end this day with a grateful heart. 

As I meditate on this phrase--word by word, syllable by syllable, and breath by breath--I was reminded how much control we have over our own emotional state and mental well-being. I was reminded that our reactions to all of our life experiences--either good or bad--are a product of perspective. Tuesday, I desired to spend the day with a heightened sense of compassion. Wednesday, I decided to temper my anxiety. And yesterday, I decided to love and appreciate myself. 

While these thoughts don't manifest as absolute truths, beginning the day with the perspective that I am in control of the outcome of my day has been refreshing--empowering, even. Taking 5-10 minutes each morning has somehow had an impact on the entire day. Just like I remember, meditation is powerful. I hope you're taking control of your days, too! 👊🏾