WOO-SAH: Meditation Day 8

Nourishing myself is a joyful experience, and I am worth the time spent on my healing.  

I am such a taskmaster that often, even while on "vacation," I am going non-stop and determined to be productive. In an effort to slow down today, I wanted to begin my day with the above affirmation.

After spending ten minutes reflecting on that mantra, I spent the remainder of the day surrounded by family and friends. Earlier this week, I read a quote asserting that 60 seconds of laughter boosts one's immune system for 24 hours.

Today, I was determined to nourish myself through laughter and the love of family and friends. I spent the afternoon snuggling precious babies and having a dance party with a five-year-old, and am now sitting in the comfort of my mother's kitchen listening to my grandfather's never ending stories. Today, I have allowed myself to save my to-do list for another time, and simply take the time to experience joy.