WOO-SAH: Meditation Day 9

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and/or start of Hanukkah and/or Kwanza. I apologize that I missed yesterday, but after spending the morning in the kitchen and the afternoon in a food coma, I just didn't get around to writing my meditation reflection.  Admittedly, I did not meditate at all.

But I got back into the swing of things today, and tried a new form of meditation: walking meditation. Walking meditation is reminiscent of the time I spent doing daily Tai Chi in China, but simplified.  Practicing walking meditation involves taking slow, deliberate steps.  With each step, focus on each foot making contact with the floor. Start by focusing on the heel contacting the floor; explore the sensation of feeling weight shifting to the middle of the foot; then, feel as your body weight is concentrated onto the ball of the foot, then repeat the same focused attention as you make contact with the opposite foot. 

I've practiced walking meditation before, but it's been some time.  My first internal observation was that walking meditation is oddly therapeutic--almost hypnotic--similar to completing a daily Tai Chi practice. With attention completely focused on making slow, deliberate movements and my concentration dedicated to the sensations in my feet, I truly thought of nothing else for a solid five minutes.  Instead, I noticed the parts of my feet that seemed to make more bony contact; I noticed my tendency for supinating my feet as I make contact (walking on the outsides of my feet); and, I noticed the parts of my legs that were sore from yesterday's run.

Although an odd concept, I enjoyed walking meditation.  If anyone else gives it a try, please let me know!