WOO-SAH: Meditation Day 2

Admittedly, I felt like a failure after day one:  little relaxation occurred during meditation and the overflow of tasks that came to mind while practicing only made me more anxious about my day ahead.  Despite being defeated by the first day, I knew I had to try again. 

On day two, my alarm went off  at 8:00.  However, I was able to count a success right away when I hit the snooze button just once prior to sitting up in bed.  Met with the winter air (perhaps I’m being a little cheap with the heat), I resorted to meditating in bed, once again. Deciding to give the guided meditation at least three attempts, I pulled up another YouTube video.

Similar to days one, I only heard the first few seconds of the actual video before my mind began to drift.  However, this time, instead of focusing on my to-do list for the day, I was able to successfully focus my attention on my breath, first working on some controlled breathing (click here for instructions on controlled breathing), followed by focusing my breath into my belly while maintaining a comfortable breathing pattern.  I was almost startled when I began to hear the video urging me to turn up the corners of my mouth into a smile and then open my eyes. Although not completely transformative, I was awake and rushed to the gym for a little morning cardio. 

DISCLAIMER: I can be a bit of a nut and like for every day--including weekends--to feel productive. 

A couple of hours later, I was feeling surprisingly happy:  I had a non-forced smile on my face ready to conquer the day, my student's excuses didn't bother me as much as they typically do (grades were posted Friday and now--after the fact--students are panicking), and my to-do list felt a little more realistic than usual.  It is 11 AM now, and although some of that energy is starting to fade, I certainly haven't hit my mid-morning slump yet.  I'd call that a double-win!